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Words cannot describe feelings, emotions, and thrills. That is the reason why we smile, laugh, and sometimes cry too. That is why we visit places like Kathmandu and Kala Patthar. And that is why we share our travel experiences among ourselves.
Nepal, a nation of cheerful and friendly people, a country of culture and blended religions, and a land of heavenly picturesque nature, welcomes you for the visit of a lifetime. The nation, located between India and the Tibetan autonomous region of China, has just few years back turned a significant corner with the deposition of 240-year old Shah Dynasty and it has now peoples’ President for the country, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Nearly 60 million year old mountains, the Himalayas, are the pristine natural wealth of the country. Nepal offers the best landscapes, rivers, gorges, flying over very near by Mt. Everest – the highest peak in the world if you love the nature; and if you are a cultural vacationer you would love to mingle yourself within the boundaries of culture and religion, blended among Hinduism and Buddhism. Although Nepal has been secularized, Christianity, Muslim, Jainism and other several religions are in practice having respect to each other.

We, the people of Nepal, proudly present our sincerity and honesty to our guests along with our friendliness and hard-work. Visitors from all around the world come to our beautiful country, abundant with overflowing natural sceneries, for the nature, the culture, and for the warmth of hospitable Nepalese. We are also proud of our ten World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, eight cultural and two natural sites.
Nepal, our country is known for its diverse flora, fauna, reptiles and amphibians. And it is very possible to experience wildlife moments through your naked eyes being on elephant back, on jeep safari and on foot as well as on cycle through jungle.

Nobody can claim to say that s/he had been to Nepal without trekking that involves rugged and steep terrain and high altitudes. While trekking, every second of your journey is memorable. Amazingly find Mt. Everest just in front of you. See Mt. Everest with your own eyes! Feel it!! Have pictures of it!!!
Nepal, a place to visit a least once and a country to explore many times to enjoy the warm welcoming people of nepal and the heavenly serene empire and himalayan culture with Mountain Leaders!