Welcome Message

One of the most devoted and dedicated fast growing tour and trekking agencies in Nepal, Mountain Leaders heartily welcome all the sight-seekers, trekkers, and climbers to this beautiful and alluring destination Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. Words cannot describe feeling, emotions, and thrills. That is the reason why we smile, laugh, and sometimes cry too. That is why we visit places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mt.Everest, Ilam, Kala Pathar etc. And that is why we share our travel experience among ourselves.

Nepal, being the nation of culture and blended religious bio-diversity, welcomes you for the visit of a lifetime. Not only the culture and religious bio-diversity, but Nepal is also bounded by hundreds of Himalayan peaks, alluring sightseeing places and historic architect monuments that need to explore out. The nation located between Indian and China has just a few years back turned a significant corner with the deposition of 240-year old Shah Dynasty and it has now people’s president for the country, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Around 60 million old, Himalayan peaks are the International and National wealth of the country. The gorgeous landscapes, rivers, gorges, flying over very nearby Mt-Everest-the highest peak in the world. The culture blended within different ethnic groups available in this nation, bounds your interest within the particular object rather there is more to explore out in this prominent landlock country.

The adventuring and challenging trekking trail involve rugged and steep terrain and high altitudes. Following this highly anticipated trekking route keeps your every second and one of the great memory in your life. Walking along with diverse flora, fauna, reptiles, and amphibians is another experience you will feel while exploring the corners of Nepal. We are also proud of our ten World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, eight cultural and two natural sites.

Nepal, a place to visit at least once and a country to explore many times to enjoy the warm welcoming people of Nepal and the heavenly serene empire and Himalayan culture with Mountain Leaders.

Tailor made programs are provide upon request